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Land Quality Media Campaigns and Promotion Project

“Soil and ground water” preservation is an issue that has long been neglected yet poses a profound impact on the general public. It is not only simply related to the worth of land traded for one’s personal wealth, the health and sustainability of our land carries a definite impact on the health and lifestyle of our future generations. In an effort to continue with the promotion of soil and ground water preservation and pollution remediation to foster the concept of “land quality = value” for the general populace, thereby helping citizens to acquire relevant knowledge of environmental protection while reminding them that everyone should be accountable for the environment we live in, Tse Yueh Advertising has duly completed all the entrusted work items and achieved the anticipated goals and benefit of “Land quality media dissemination and event promotion project”- an initiative that the EPA commissioned to the company in 2013. Continuing the aforementioned goal and vision, a series of works conforming to the benefit requirements of the Agency will be devised for the project this year. In order to reinforce the public’s awareness on “Soil quality is value” this year, 15 animations, online games (and apps) were developed, while the celebrity group OneTwoFree was also invited to become the event spokesperson and create a theme song called “Water & Soil Superman”. In addition, a series of events such as “Water & Soil Trivia Pursuit – Facebook Like Promotion” and “Film Watching Pop Quiz” were organized, attracting participation from 17,777 people. In terms of channel promotion, a strategic alliance was forged with elifemall; besides airing animations on TV screens in all of its 345 directly owned stores for one month, we also collaborated to complete two major promotional events to meet face to face with the public and advocate the correct knowledge on soil and ground water conservation. A total of 2,070 partook in the two events and 48 news reports were generated. Furthermore, advertisement and promotional materials were produced prior to the event, including brand logo x1, official website x1, news release x 5, two promotional and event posters (2,100 copies were printed), DVD x1,000 and promotional fliers x20,000. These were distributed to 131 Taiwan Railways stations, 18 Taipei MRT stations, Environmental Protection Bureaus, environmental education venues, libraries throughout the country, electronic sign at the Executive Yuan, public welfare broadcasts at various TV stations etc. In addition, the number of fans on the Facebook official fan page increased from 331 to 4,748 people, and 143,755 people were exposed to the event information. Overall, the aforementioned events have accomplished the expected benefits and goals for this year’s promotional topic.
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