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Hsinchu City 102 annual soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification work program

Hsinchu City is located in the northwest of Taiwan, Taiwan is the northern region, between Taipei and Taichung City Of the geographical center, in recent years by the high growth of Taiwan, the industrialization and urbanization gradually significant, With the completion of a number of traffic construction, as well as scientific industrial parks have been developed, has been formed Hsinchu City The prototype of the district. And in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Soil Law, for the prevention and control of soil and groundwater pollution, local director Organs must be on the area of ​​soil and groundwater quality for regular testing, pollution investigation and public opinion Check the work. Taiwan, frequent earthquakes and underground pipeline corrosion and other potential problems, are likely in the gas station oil storage Storage and transportation process slowly leaked underground soil. If the oil leaks have groundwater circulation, more can be Can be due to the transmission of groundwater, the gas station of the organic oil pollution to the groundwater downstream. Especially what, such as Contaminated area residents use or drink groundwater, and expand the scope and impact of oil pollution of gas stations; and Hsinchu There is no shortage of high-polluting industries in the scientific park, and may accidentally leak the pollutants accumulated in the soil In the same time by rainwater runoff and groundwater fill, etc., resulting in groundwater pollution. Soil, mainly divided into gas station oil leakage of soil pollution and plant raw materials pile, abandoned Improperly buried or waste water caused by leakage. Most of the underground soil pollution of the gas station is due to the underground oil tank of the gas station Pipelines due to earthquakes or corrosion caused by slow oil leakage, pollution of the surrounding soil. Gas station caused by leakage The soil pollution is the general people less susceptible to pollution. Factory part, the Environmental Protection Agency has passed through the relevant Plan to investigate, and gradually carry out the area of ​​the abandoned factories or underground factories of soil pollution survey. By the above pollution The results of the study on the environmental protection agency and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPD) show that the soil and groundwater of Hsinchu City have been By the heavy metal and organic matter pollution, it should strengthen the potential pollution of the city of soil and land To monitor the water to prevent possible expansion of the situation. For the continuation of Hsinchu City, the establishment of soil pollution survey data, the project related to the integration of soil and groundwater Monitoring the calendar year of the project, conducting soil and pollution pipelines and tracking. At the same time, according to sources of soil pollution Of the data collection, construction of pollution sites related information to establish the source of pollution investigation and the development of soil and Groundwater pollution control strategy to maintain the city's soil and groundwater safety and friendly environment.
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