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102 Soil and groundwater investigation and audition plan

Environmental Protection Bureau, ChiaYi City (ChiaYi City EPB) has executed soil and groundwater investigation and audition plan since 2006. The plan based on the regulation requirement of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. The aim of this plan wants to understand the quality of soil and groundwater in ChiaYi city. The results show below: 1. Monitoring of groundwater quality regularly In this part, it has completed the sampling and analyzing work of 13 groundwater wells once a half of year, there was no any result higher than groundwater pollution control standards for all well. On the other hand, it should focus at the groundwater quality of MW-4, the concentrations of total hardness, TDS, chloride, ammonia nitrogen, manganese were higher than the category 2 of groundwater pollution monitoring standards. All monitoring wells maintain regularly twice of year in order to keep the function of monitoring and extend the using time of monitoring wells. 2. Gas station management It included the owner of gas station keyed in operational data via network to the gas station management system every four months then reviewed by ChiaYi City EPB, checked out 25 gas stations on-site, purpose to implement the spirit of regulation. The main fault of audition was the written information did not meet the on-site situation, and then auditor would inform the improvements to the owner immediately and followed up on the progress of improvement. 3. Emergency investigation There were two emergency response events have completed. Please see blow: (1)Auditing and sampling the agriculture land locate at 15 of Si-dong section(溪東段). (2) Auditing and sampling the agriculture land locate at 1025 of Zhu-chun section(竹村段). As results show, there were no situation over pollution control standards of heavy metals. 4. Investigating the concentration of heavy metals in green land of parks In order to take care people's health, the plan takes soil samples at 20 parks, and analysis the concentrations of heavy metals in soil. According to the results, there are no pollutions at all. It can be used as ChiaYi City parkland soil background values. 5. The presentation of gas station management regulation This plan carried out four presentations, one was the introduction of gas station management regulation, and the other three were groundwater resource conservation. The three and four presentation combined with theater performances, using the short stories close to the daily life, let everyone become a small vanguard of environmental protection. The topics are interested to participators, so it can reach the efficiency of the expectation. 6. Making the public aware of the intentions of ChiaYi City EPB To make the public to better understand the significance of environmental, would notify local news reporter, via telex and print media so that more people could get information. 7. The patrol of polluted sites There are two polluted sites in Chia-Yi City, one is gas station of Jianguo Rd, and the other is farmland of Xia-pi section ( 下埤段) which include 7 land numbers. During the patrol, it did not find any illegal situation. 8. The detection of heavy metals concentration of sediment in Lantan Reservoir In order to grasp the quality of sediment in Lantan Reservoir, the project carried on to take three samples of sediment, and the results showed the concentration of arsenic and nickel were over lower limited values of sediment. It should be continued to monitoring the quality of sediment periodically to grasp the changes in the concentration of heavy metals of sediment and make the spirit of early warning. Conclusions and recommendations are summarized as follows: 1. It will continue to promote soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification work in next year. Because the groundwater quality of MW-4 was not good, it may be caused by the Hwagi waste landfill site (華碁廢棄物掩埋場), recommended to the Waste Management Department took over the management of the landfill site. 2. Farmland near the Xia-Pi section farmland pollution control site has completed the investigation, follow-up of pollution improvement work has been submitted EPA. Moreover, it should claim for compensation to polluters. 3. The results of soil in 20 parks did not find any variation, could be used as background values of ChiaYi City parkland soil. Furthermore, it should keep the parkland soil investigation work to complete the whole project. 4. According to plan of pollution controlled which written by Jianguo Road gas station, its need at least four years to make the plan, the treatment mainly used SVE and AS with biological treatment, and used ISCO in hotspot. Pollution improvement work is still ongoing. 5. Completed the relevant evaluation and to seek the best scores. 6. Keep going management and counseling gas station operators, make them to understand the spirit of prevention was better than cure. 7. The education advocacy work was conducted through easy teaching methods and practical explanations of soil and groundwater contamination, so that students can better understand the protection of soil and groundwater resources. 8. The detection of heavy metals concentration of sediment in Lantan Reservoir, the concentration of arsenic should be noted, recommend regular monitoring by the competent authorities, in order to grasp the variations of the concentration of heavy metals in sediment.