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Project of Taiwan Groundwater Monitoring, Assessment and Management

The purpose of this project is to manage and planning the groundwater monitoring network, including the assessment and maintenance of regional and site-specific monitoring wells, status investigation and assessment of monitoring wells for establishing appropriate management strategies and reviewing the efficiency of monitoring wells usage. The distributions of monitoring wells are evaluated to conduct the planning of monitoring network set-up. The monitoring wells of Keelung and Nantou counties are installed in this project. Besides, the monitoring network for groundwater saline warning is proposed to observe the potential of groundwater salinalization of coastal area. The integrated management information system (MIS) is discussed to complete the groundwater GIS of Taiwan EPA and to plan the procedures of data integration and application. The status assessment of 20 regional monitoring wells, redevelopment and groundwater quality analyses of 15 regional monitoring wells, foundation repair of 7 regional monitoring wells, obstruction of 7 regional monitoring wells, rebuilding of 10 regional monitoring wells, abolishment of 6 regional monitoring wells are completed in this project. The external maintenance, internal function assessment, boreholes records of totally 121 site-specific monitoring wells are conducted. Additionally, obstruction and groundwater quality analyses of 9 site-specific monitoring wells are also evaluated. For the issue of groundwater saline warning, the groundwater quality analysis of 15 Pindong monitoring wells in wet and dry seasons are determined. The network of groundwater saline warning is proposed by water quality evaluation and spatial estimation approaches. Besides, totally 7 and 12 regional monitoring wells in Keelung and Nantou counties, respectively, are installed. The spatial densities of monitoring wells of 10 catchments in Taiwan are also calculated to propose the adjustment of monitoring wells distribution. In this project, the format and difference of observation data of monitoring wells in different department are compared. The modification methods of data integration are revised in this report. Moreover, the conceptual model of integrated GIS (Chiayi county) is proposed in this project.
Groundwater Monitoring Well, Monitoring Well Management, Monitoring Well Network