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the project of contaminated soil off-site treatment, final disposal, reuse and audting for 2013

This project designed to follow the Waste Disposal Act on reporting and management policy of contaminated soil off-site treatment, analyzed all kinds of operation and conformity of relative laws and regulations, put forward related laws, regualated requirements and recommendations of preparation and amendment. The transportation and treatment facility of the contaminated soil can be managed under these regulations. In addition, this project collected the domestic and foreign reuse technology as well as actural situation, chose the reuse methods that suitable for Taiwan, researched the management methods of contaminated soil reuse products which included their quality requirement based on the technology characteristics, strengthened the reuse management content by seminars of experts, studied and put forward the contaminated soil regarded as the drafted reuse types and manamgement methods of cerement raw materials, provided reference about the proper management of the contaminated soil reuse to EPA. Besides, this project took the samples and analyzed 30 contaminated soil reuse products and 10 types of soil after bioremediation confirming that the test results would be much lower than the Soil Control(Monitoring) Standards and TCLP Leaching Standards. The project assisted to draw up notices, written and on-site audition priorities of the mananagement and reuse facility permit,so as to offer reference about the manangement and reuse facility permit to EPA and the local environmental protection bureaus. At the same time, the project completed 20 soil treatment facility on-site audition, controlled and managed contaminated soil off-site treatment facility current operation. With IWRS&IWMS, the adjustments and corrections of EMS and the relevant functions of reporting and inquiring operation for newly established contaminated soil code, this project amended the contaminated soil off-site transportation process tracking, counting and report inspection. As a result, the control and management of soil off-site transportation process can be more efficient. This project would make free brochures of contaminated soil off-site treatment and hold the meetings because of the new policy implementation. In conclusion, this project is to let the industry understand and comply with the relevant rules about the contaminated soil off-site treatment under the industrial waste management system.
off-site treatment;final disposal;reuse;audting