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Emergency Measures for RCA Former Taoyuan Plant Groundwater Remediation Site

TCETVT (hereinafter referred to as RCA) former Taoyuan plant was announced as Groundwater Pollution Control Site on April 26 2002 and Groundwater Remediation Site was further announced on March 19 2004 by EPA of the Executive Yuan. The Site Groundwater Remediation Plan was agreed on October 26 2009 by EPA, and started the 18-month groundwater remediation work. After 18 months of applying the enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) technology, site groundwater still could not meet the Groundwater Pollution Control Standards. Therefore, on May 6 2011 a plan amendment requiring a six-month extension was applied by RCA. This first amendment was approved on August 16 2011 with extended new due date of February 15 2012. RCA again on January 13 2012 applied another 24-month extension starting from June 24 2013 (the date second amendment approved). Currently, RCA has applied the third plan amendment application with extension of 3 years on May 21 2015. Taoyuan City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has found several monitoring wells which located at downgradient of RCA site are contaminated. To minimize or avoid the impact of human health, agricultural or aquaculture production, or drinking water sources, necessary response measures will be conducted. In the meantime whether onsite contamination has spread to offsite will be clarified. The inspection, control and monitoring of offsite contamination area should be performed in parallel. This project is to ensure that RCA site remediation work properly executed, focusing on RCA onsite and offsite remediation effectiveness and delineation of offsite groundwater contamination. The project is divided into following parts: 1. This project monitored the remediator’s remediation activities according to the scope of approved Plan, weekly site walk through, documentation of site logs, photography and photographic and other related operations of the period were also conducted in order to provide detailed information for oversight committee. 2. In 2014, offsite groundwater at total 17 monitoring wells were sampled and analyzed, among them included 2 new wells and 15 existing wells (well MW-15-RCA damaged and could not be sampled). Two another new wells and 17 existing wells were sampled and analyzed in 2015. As of the end of October 2015, project has been completed installation of four monitoring wells, completed four groundwater sampling events and analysis which covered the consecutive wet and dry seasons. Regarding the residential wells located in control zone, project also completed the survey and visiting of residential wells. A total of 20 wells per year sampling and analysis were conducted. All onsite and offsite monitoring results were collected and analyzed in order to have site current status and extent of contamination, and as a reference to the subsequent risk management. 3. Establishing a response team that assists DEP to investigate and control the incidents of pollution to avoid the pollution spreading or deterioration during remediation. Therefore the health of nearby residents and environment can be protected.
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