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Investigation on Background Characteristics of Parent Materials of Farmland Soils (2).

Some of farmland soil was investigated contain high concentrations of Cr and Ni in eastern Taiwan and Penghu area. Based on geology and pedology research method (including field geology survey, major and trace element geochemical analysis, field morphological description of soil profiles, soil genesis characteristics research, mineral and phase identification, farmland soil sampling and heavy metal concentration analysis), the project confirms that (1) some of farmland soil in eastern Taiwan is located in the serpentine or ultramafic parent rocks distributed area, Penghu area is basalt parent rocks; (2) high concentrations of Cr and Ni in soils are affected by local natural environment and geological background factors, for geochemical anomaly reasons not attributable to external pollution. This project established the identification method to the natural background or polluted soils; pot experiment research concluded that lime application can decrease Ni bioavailability to the crops; leaching experiment indicated that application of in situ chemical oxidation reagent would cause Cr and Ni dissolution from serpentine and basalt soils. Strategy and management framework including agriculture, health, and environmental protection to these areas are also provided to the Taiwan EPA.
soil background concentration, serpentine, basalt