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Green and Sustainable Remediation Demonstration and Consultation Project

Based on the GSR framework, executive flowchart and toolbox developed by the previous project, the purpose of this study was to conduct three GSR demonstration sites and apply GSR tools for appraisal. The three demonstration sites include CPC 53.5K in Taoyuan, Chichin military base in Kaohsiung, and Yongan military base in Penghu. Depending on the management stage of the demonstration sites, this study carried out different GSR evaluation approaches. In general, the GSR assessment include stakeholder identification and communication, environmental footprint assessment, human health risk assessment, economic impact assessment, and BMPs planning. On the other hand, in order to foster the implementation of GSR management in Taiwan, this project purposed a feasibility evaluation on developing a GSR certification system. Certification objectives, certification indicators and certification standards were discussed in this study.
Green and Sustainable Remediation;Environmental Footprint Analysis & Best Management Practices;GSR decision support system