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Soil and Groundwater monitoring and investigating in Tainan area for 2013

This project continues work in “Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Verification Project” of Tainan district. Work contents include regular soil and groundwater monitoring work, monitoring well external appearance patrol 、 maintenance and repeal, gas station online declaration and on-site inspection, soil and groundwater pollution site supervision, verification and inspection, scope of pollution site broadening investigation, pollution verification on prosecutors care and public nuisance dispute and emergency response, advocacy and administrative work. A total of 18 farmlands were sampled for soil samples, one of the farmlands found exceeding soil pollution control standard. 86 groundwater samples were sampled, with work achievement of 100% in groundwater sampling work category in project contract. Among all groundwater samples, only the SRL002 show higher concentration of arsenic(0.0404~0.0887 mg/L), which was affected by the geology. Groundwater quality of other site-specific monitoring well had similar quality when compared to past groundwater monitoring results. A total of 288 monitoring wells have carried out monitoring well external appearance patrol and maintenance. The project maintained 48 groundwater monitoring wells, abolished 12 monitoring wells. On regular declared and modified monitoring document of gas station, 1209 documents were examined. 477 gas stations on-site verification work were carried and all field records were uploaded to “Soil and Groundwater Information Management System”. Pollution improvement, supervision patrol work of Control Site was conducted once every 2 months, 671 Control Sites were being patrol and supervised, all field records were uploaded to “Soil and Groundwater Information Management System”. 20 Control Sites were verified and 20 sites were investigated. Budget of NT$ 801,730 (without tax) from EPA and NT$1,203,968 (without tax) from Tainan City for public nuisance dispute and emergency response work category was used in sites pollution verification work. This project also aid Tainan Environmental Bureau in executing Control Sites, “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act Article 8 and 9” and “Underground Storage Tank System” proposal plan, final report examination and back up information with total number of 250 documents. Three regulatory and three education symposiums were held and database in “Soil and Groundwater Information Management System” was periodically renewed.