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National soil quality properties investigation and management research program.

In order to establish the suitable soil pollution control standards, relevant information and regulations have been collected and analyzed. The risk based assessment has been taken into consideration while propose the soil pollution control standards amendment. The framework of the soil pollution control standards has been suggest as well the risk management objectives, risk assessment of exposure scenarios and exposure pathways, parameters of risk assessment. The priority works of soil pollution standards amendment include dioxin standard modifying and proposing soil pollution standards of source water protection area. National soil quality and property investigation has been planned. Soil quality and property of 26 soil standard monoliths in Taoyuan, Changhua and Tainan are investigated. To integrate relevant soil quality information and develop soil information sharing platform, this project planed the national soil quality database system and tried to develop soil quality assessment methods and indicators by scientific methods. Three potential pollution areas of emerging contaminants have been investigated. The result shows that agricultural soil concentrations of indium and molybdenum along the Xiaoli River are higher than the background levels. The soil concentrations of emerging organic contaminants are found below the detection level mostly.
Soil Quality, Soil Pollution Control Standards, Soil Quality Database Management System