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Assessment tools and Policy Support for Sediment Remediation Technology

This is the report for the project “Evaluation technology and policy support for sediment remediation”. The needs for establishing a contaminated sediment research center were highlighted and the organization and missions of the center were proposed, including short-term(1-3years), mid-term(4-6 years) and long-term(7-10 years) research objectives. The funds for every sub-programs had also been proposed. The research needs for physical and chemical characterizations of contaminated sediment for better evaluations of pollutant fate and transport and bioavailability were proposed. For ecological risk assessment of contaminated sediment, the information and tasks required have been identified and the bioindicators and local species that can be used in Taiwan have been evaluated. For human health risk assessment, we have collected and compared methodologies used in Taiwan and in other countries, including the the estimation of exposure populations, identification of exposure pathways and quantification of exposure dosage. For economic analysis of sustainable sediment management, the required parameters, key mechanism and evaluation methods had been critically reviewed. For decision-making network platform, the use of Intelligent Spatial Decision Support System on geography informations and environmental sciences has been reviewed and its application in local sediment management has been evaluated. Two conclusions from two inter-disciplinary contaminated sediment coffee forum (organized in Taipei and Tainan) were also summarized in this report.
Contaminanted Sediment Remediation, Sediment transport, Heavy Metals, Organic Contaminants, Ecological Risk Assessment, Human Health Risk Assessment, Economic Analysis, Intelligent Decision Support System