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2013 Soils and groundwater monitoring and investigating of Taoyuan County.

As of the end of November, 2013, tasks have been completed as schedule under the contract, including inspecting 41 polluted farmlands for deregulation, inspecting 5 polluted oil sites, inspecting 4 polluted factories, monitoring 22 sites of underwater in high-flow and dry season in the industrial park to analyze the Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) regulated on the standard of underwater, inspecting the monitoring well 108 and 120 times in the first and second half year separately and maintaining 20 monitoring wells, holding 2 soil and underwater forums and 4”controlled industries regulation forums” ,and completing the inspection of site once bimonthly. With other tasks supporting administration, including making each weight of 2013 assessment, ”The improvement strategy of Taoyuan’s controlled sites of polluted farmland, joint investigation of pollution sources and the operational plan of early warning system”, assisting with updating the list of joint inspection, monitoring 15 sites of underwater outside the U.S. RCA in Taiwan, assisting Pingzhen Industrial Park with monitoring the PCE level of well PJ21, investigating residents’ wells around and the situation of underwater usage, the sampling of residents’ wells commissioned to the company authorized by EPA then sending samples to the Division of Inspection at Environment Protection Bureau, and cooperating with Environment Protection Bureau to conduct 11 contingencies of pollution investigation. The project has been executed with Dayuan Township and Luzhu Township for announcing the control process of farmland, investigating residents’ wells around and commissioning company of inspection to analyze the samples of residents’ wells. Documents submitted by the project for the polluted sites had reached 287 as of the end of November.
Soil, groundwater, pollution