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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The inspection, consultation and auditing of declaration reports for underground storage tanks proje

Taiwan EPA has promoted UST investigation and pollution prevention over a decade. In order to integrate resources and improve UST management efficiency, this project integrated works from declaration projects and investigation projects; also, the rolling management is used to check sites with abnormal checking results or contamination concerns. In an attempt to upgrade work productivity, online UST reporting system has been developed and regularly maintained. Furthermore, development of on-site checking software on portable mobile devices has been accomplished and used for compliance and soil vapor checking at 450 UST sites, and the results are classified into 5 levels, A, B1~B3 and C, according to the contamination potential. The software has also been used for soil and ground water contamination investigation at 36 UST sites and verification at 1 UST site, and the results at 18 sites exceeded regulated standard of contamination, so the exceeding rate has reached 50%. Apart from the works mentioned in the previous paragraph, this project has several achievements which includes (1) analysing correlation among regulated UST performance, remedial techniques, cleanup activities and financial issues, (2) reflecting on checking items deficiency, (3) solving questions from reporting phone calls or problems about online report system, (4) hosting 1 seminar, 9 workshops, and (5) printing 5,500 brochures. The practical experience gained from this project has given feedback to management act and relative rules amendments and it can also be the reference for future pollution prevention and monitoring provisions and self-management implementation.
Soil, Groundwater, Gas station investigation