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2013 Cross-Strait Program for Soil and Groundwater

This project by collecting regulatory regimes cum industrial promotion of soil and groundwater environmental protection related to Mainland China Research and Analysis , and Management organized way Symposium through the Office of opportunity related fields at the turn of liquidity and expand cooperation in the Mainland China conducted with , and successfully in before the end of December this year to complete . Through conduct seminars way , and MEP Mainland Chinese relevant departments communication, cohesion strait experts together to discuss differences and complementarity between strait soil and groundwater environmental protection, and discuss follow- strait exchanges meter painting and implementation methods. While also providing each other to learn from industry, government and academia to discuss and exchange views on the opportunity to experience . The project also compiled Mainland China prevailing soil and groundwater regime results achieved environmental regulations , available relevant government departments , academic and research institutions and business related units in the practice of important reference . The project includes three tasks : (1)in handling a domestic screenings do "cross-strait soil and groundwater regime Symposium environmental regulations " and " Expert Forum " meeting , invite professionals to join Mainland China . (2)go to Mainland China to participate in regional environmental soil and groundwater related seminars, and conducted site visits and exchanges . (3)to promote my homeland water remediation industry , research and analysis in the " cross-strait economic cooperation framework (ECFA) of soil and groundwater under the workaround and industrial projects. (4)real-time updates of the Department of Soil and Groundwater grouping of cross-strait exchange platform for environmental services ( including wastewater treatment ) related messages.
Cross-strait cooperation mechanism、Soil and Groundwater Contamination、Environmental Protection Regulation