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The investigation and assessment of contaminated groundwater in Jhonggang River area

EPA and EPB have conducted series of investigation and evaluation projects within TouFen and ChuNan area since chlorinated solvents contamination was found in Taiwan VCM Corporation (TVCM) groundwater in 1995. So far, there are 3 areas confirmed to be contaminated, including TouFen Industrial Park and adjacent area, Former Cathay Plastic Industry Co., Ltd (Former CP) and adjacent area, and south bank of Jhonggang River. The contamination in this site has reached 90 meters below the surface. Announced control area is about 38.5 hectares. This site has distinct geological heterogeneity and is defined as a large-scale complex contaminated site. To combine the concept of surgical remediation with the historical results of this project, such as hydrogeological setting, groundwater quality sampling, potential source tracing, remedy pilot testing, remediation evaluating, and the health risk assessment evaluating, the constraint strategy and action options for this area were made. Here are the main goals of this project, to conduct investigations to complete the hydrogeological settings and plume distributions, to establish priority constraint strategy for this large-scale site, to implement the Feasibility Study for the deep and complex contamination, and finally to consult with the professionals and interested parties to modify and perfect the constraint strategy road map of this area for the nearly future.
Groundwater Contamination, Remedy Evaluation, Constraint Strategy