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Research and Analysis of Soil Dioxin Contamination Investigation and Management in Taiwan Region

Dioxin is easily to accumulate in the environment and be intaked by human being through the food chain. In order to establish baseline information of dioxin concentrations in soil and control measures for Taiwan region, this project has draft the 「The national plan for countywide surveys of dioxin content in soil and management strategy 」. 800 soil samples were collected and analyzed for the baseline surveys and designated area investigations. The average soil concentration in northern region (Taoyuan, 33.1 ng CALUX-TEQ/kg) is significantly higher than central region(Changhua, 7.84 ng CALUX-TEQ/kg)and southern region(Kaohsiung, 14.8 ng CALUX-TEQ/kg). The investigation results show that the average concentration of dioxin in soil from industries with dioxin-containing waste and small incinerators is significantly higher than other designated areas. The average concentrations of dioxin in soil are about equal for small incinerators, industries with dioxin-containing waste, which are higher than concentrations of illegal dumping sites, landfills with solidified/stabilized fly ash, Industrial waste treatment / recycling plants. For localization of rapid screening tools, suggestions were made to establish the laboratory and environment for the bioassay technologies and promote the technologies to be commercialized. The project also drafted the long-term monitoring plan for soil, groundwater and sediment, and completed a feasibility study for established the environment forensic database and procedure.
Dioxin, Bioassay Rapid Screening, High Priority Area, Soil, Semidiment