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2013 Taiwan Soil and Groundwater Remediation Advertisement Plan

In the past thirty years, Taiwan had serious environment pollutions due to the focus of economic development. Since the nineties, when people were aware of the importance of environment issues, the government has dedicating to remedy the soil and underground water pollution problems. For example, to strike a balance between environment protection and business development has become the main issue for government. In order to connect and magnify the soil and groundwater industry network, the government has funded Taiwan Soil and Groundwater Industry Partnerships this May, and conducted a series of workshop and international seminars to strengthen each company’s capability. If the government seize this chance and make good use of the technical skills and resources, we can not only solve the larger scale of environment problem but also promote the whole economic growth. For improving the importance and international visibility of soil and groundwater industry in Taiwan, this project made the goal as following: 1. Invited financial venture capital, insurance, escrow industry and land investment experts got more information about environmental future, economic development, the promotion of resources industries. 2.Event:invited renowned environmental export Gunter Pauli to Taiwan in November 12, and talk about a new future of Taiwan soil and groundwater industry with 200 audiences in environmental protection industries, academic institution and government. 3.Event Promotion:Complete event site, event-promoted advertisement to attract people to participate. Collection and analysis and opinion questionnaire before and after the activity for the promotion of the EPA as a reference for future work. 4. Extension of publicity:CommonWealth magazine will be published four-page advertorial, and printed 1000 brochures, offers more than 200 event photos and 3 minutes video to make extension of publicity.  
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