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Research and Pilot Study Project Management for 2014

In order to promote and enhance the research and development task for soil, groundwater and sediment contamination investigation, evaluation and remediation among private sectors and research institutes, Environmental Protection Administration(EPA) had executed the project of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Subsidiary for Research and Pilot Study since 2010. To continuing promote subsidiary project and gain control overall objectives, EPA is executing “Research and Pilot Study Project Management for 2014” (herein after referred as “Project”). This Project main task includes planning of future policy, summarizing subsidiary projects results, evaluation and revision of project management system, drafting of subsidiary project review and audit process, presenting the project findings and results. Through the execution of the Project, it is expected to elevate the contamination investigation remediation technology and advance human resource development.
soil;groundwater;pollution;remediation;pilot study;sediment;rapid detection;investigation;evaluation