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The Survey of the Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Chang-hua County in 2014

For the environmental sustainability, the program of “The Survey of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Changhua county in 2014” has been advanced, which involves groundwater monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater investigation, Unlisted farmland reexamine, Potential polluting factory investigation, to supervise and verify pollution remediation of contaminated sites, dealing with emergency cases, and administrative assistances. The plan had been executed from February 21th 2014 to December 21th 2014, and the results of implementation are summarized as follows: At first, the task of groundwater monitoring wells inspection has been implemented twice this year and there were totally 14 maintenance works finished. All slug tests of groundwater monitoring wells were completed, and two purges and two foreign matter exclusion of monitoring well were implemented according to the slug test results. Besides, there were 33 monitoring wells surveys accomplished in both dry and wet season, and whose results all less than Groundwater Pollution Control Standards. There were 136 farmlands finished sampling for regular monitoring, and the analysis results showed 38 farmlands exceeded Soil Pollution Control Standards. In addition, the work team explored 29 factories with pollution potential in Changhua County. According to the exploration, there were 19 plants chosen and sampled, and the results demonstrated 17 factories’ soil samples and 2 plants’ groundwater over the control standards. With respect to the mission of to supervise and verify pollution remediation of polluted sites, those sites had been examined at least bimonthly, and there were 10 listed sites completed verification and 6 sites sampled for regular monitoring. There were entirely 23 emergency cases implemented during plan period.
Potential polluting factory investigation, Maintenance of monitoring well, Unlisted farmland reexamine, Soil, Groundwater, Contamination