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Promotion project of regional biomass-to-energy system

In order to solve the potential environmental pollution problem and achieve the goal of zero carbon society, the Environmental Protection Agency commissioned this project by means of integrating biowaste, improving recycling rate, energizing remaining biowaste. This project made promoting strategies of energizing biowaste, and completed "the draft of promotion of integration of regional biomass to energy systems" to lay the foundation for the bioenergy policies planning and developing. It analyzed foreign policies, bioenergy conversion technologies, energy utilization and regional cases, as well as made an inventory for previous and ongoing plans of bioenergy and regulation. It also surveyed categories, number, distribution of biomass waste in Taiwan, and held meeting to consult the experts about the draft. This project surveyed bioenergy research regarding biowaste examination, bioenergy conversion technology, carbon reduction and economic assessment, and regional energy integration system plans, and considered the local characteristics of the source material and application requirements. It drew up the plans according to local conditions, and completed "the draft of promotion of integration of regional biomass to energy systems." It also convened four meetings with experts and scholars in this field were held to gain more information and to revise the whole plan. In addition, this project considered that the promoting bioenergy measures touched on the central and local government responsibility. They should be assessed before integrating the resources to build regional energy supply system. Further work will be conducted to collect more opinions from regional authorities and other counterparts to carry out related works. And it will be released the power to local government to draw up “action plan of integration of regional biomass to energy systems.” The local government will examine the biowaste sources, choose the technology according to the regional characteristics, transform the existing environmental protection facilities into the bioenergy center, and combine with other renewable energy to achieve the targets of carbon reduction and sustainable environment.
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