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Project of Taiwan Groundwater Monitoring, Assessment and Management

The purpose of this project is to conduct the planning of the groundwater monitoring network and management of monitoring wells life-cycling, including the assessment, maintenance, and installation of regional monitoring wells, establishment of 3-dimention groundwater quality monitoring plan, audit of monitoring well installation for ensuring the function of monitoring wells network. For site-specific wells, the importance of well recompletion and suggestion of well completion procedure are concluded by comparing the groundwater quality before and after well completion. Besides, the difference between current groundwater management systems is discussed in this project to propose the modification suggestions. The redevelopment of 7 monitoring wells, demolishment of 8 monitoring wells, obstruction of 6 monitoring wells are completed in this project. The audit of 26 wells installation planning reports, 10 wells constrction forms, 3 wells constrction works are completed in this project. For the planning of the groundwater monitoring network, the monitoring wells of Choushui river alluvial fan and Taoyuan plateau are installed in this project. The monitoring network with various depths is also established for southwestern Taiwan. Moreover, the lack of well recompletion causes the over-estimation of TPH and under- estimation of PCE and TCE. The well recompletion should be popularized for local government in the future. For monitoring data integration, the modification methods of database and GIS data integration are proposed in this project. The integration of groundwater resource is also suggested by symposiums, in cluding conjunctive management of groundwater quality and rightm, information integration, development and application of contaminants transport modeling, importance of quality contrl and water demands. The conclusion of symposiums will be the foundation of groundwater resource management in the future.
Groundwater Monitoring Well, Monitoring Well Management, Groundwater Resource Integration