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Investigation and Determination of the Sources and Pathways of Farmlands Contaminated with Heavy Metals

Farmland soil contamination cases happened in cities and counties continuously, funding of remediation was invested successively, but receiving no compensation were due to the association of contamination sources, behaviors and acceptors wasn’t established completely. In vew of this, the purpose of project was clarified the association of contaminant sources, pathways and acceptors, established the procedure of farmland soil contamination investigation, and assisted authorities to trace the perpetrators. According to contract, this project is executed from October 23rd, 2014 to April 22nd, 2016. The aim of project were screened the sample regions and surveyed, established and verificated the investigation procedures, and considered the applicability of procedures. The selecting of four contaminated sites including Puxin region in Changhua county, Yanshui region in Tainan city, Dali region in Taichung city, and Yuanli region in Miaoli county. Survey of regions implemented in accordance with investigation procedures (check before the job evaluation, remediation responsible for search and survey operations, survey operations receptor, transmission route survey operations and the establishment of a causal association between the three), the final results proved the investigation procedures assisted authorities to trace the main responsibility of contamination actually, and contributed to the establishment of associations of contamination sources, transmission pathways and receptors, but in practice, it is still limited by variances in space and time, and difficult to obtain direct evidences. In addition to other background factors maked the claim recognized and illegal facts proved difficult, these problems can’t be overcomed by general verification procedures. Otherwise, the farmland soil contamination were caused by deterioration of irrigated water quality, the preventive measurements and monitoring methods are the sticking point to prevent contamination. Thus, the potential monitoring system of heavy metal and preventive mechanism of farmland was proposed to authorities, and avoided that farmland soil contamination cases happened again. by some tactics included (1) the preventive monitoring of soil quality (2) preventive monitoring systems of irrigation water (3) preventive alarm monitoring of contaminant source inspection and (4) Land-use planning.
Heavy metal contamination in farmland, Investigation on the heavy metal contamination of farmland, The perpetrator of contamination