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Groundwater Resources Management and Information of Taiwan

The main tasks of this project are to conduct the groundwater management and its resource integration in Taiwan, including evaluation of the groundwater resources investigation of Central Geological Survey, Water Resources Agency and Environmental Protection Agency of Taiwan; planning of groundwater pollution monitoring and management strategy to propose sampling, hydrogeological test, in-situ monitoring methods, and construction of groundwater environmental monitoring and management GIS system. For the GIS system, information management and user needs are considered to establish the data input and confirmation procedure. The layouts of several international information systems are collected as the references to establish the developable and applicable system. Besides, the problems and suggestions of groundwater contamination transport models are assessed to propose the screening principles of model application. With reviewing the previous data of hydrogeological investigation, water resources assessment, and groundwater quality monitoring in the last decades, the main achievements of this project are to conclude the current issues of the groundwater resources investigation and assessment, to analyze the distributions and attribution of groundwater contaminations, and to provide suggestions about the groundwater quality threshold values. Difference between varied sampling methods is assessed by conducting 30 times groundwater sampling. The confirmation procedure of hydrogeological test is established by completing 20 times pumping tests. In-situ water quality sensors are also tested for monitoring the variation of groundwater salinization. In addition, groundwater management logistical tasks in this project are also completed, which include conducting 2 groundwater contamination and resources management meetings, participating in 2 international groundwater conferences, as well as editing groundwater quality monitoring and management achievement and teaching materials of Taiwan.
Groundwater, Management, Integration