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Research on the Planning of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Middle Taiwan

There are two major parts in this study. The first part is to propose a master plan regarding the comprehensive management of water environment of four important rivers in the middle Taiwan, including Wu River (Dadu River), Zhuoshui River, Xin-Hu-Wei River, and Beigang River. The background information of rivers was first collected and analyzed. Additionally, two field studies were conducted in this February and April, respectively. Based on the information collected, five major problems in the water environment were raised:1. The lack of efficient use of water resources;2. The negative impact of global climate change on water resources;3. The pollution of water quality due to over loading in the entire watershed;4. Over pumping of groundwater resulting to land subsidence;5. The lack of integrated planning of habitat conservation and environment building plans. The vision of this master plan is to achieve and maintain sustainable resources, healthy water environments, and green and safe watersheds. The following five strategies were proposed:1. To establish the integrated planning and use of water resources;2. To establish the healthy water environment and ecological system;3. To Adapt climate change and plan for disaster prevention;4. To strengthen the practices of pollution and overall loading control;5. To encourage the environmental education of water resource. According to the five strategies, this study reviewed the current projects and recommend the implementation plans in the future. They are the establishment of master plan of integrated watershed management;the assessment of overall pollution loading along a river;the use of best management practice for non-point sources;the establishment of healthy watershed management;the adoption and promotion of green infrastructure. The second part of this study is to plan the set-up of a new water research center in the middle Taiwan, based on information collected and the result of a questionnaire. The organization and research areas of this research center were suggested.
Water Resources, Master Plan, Watershed