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Carbon reduction plan being promoted Penghu 103 year - plan to create a low-carbon life

This project team since August 19, 103, implement "103 annual energy saving carbon reduction in penghu county propaganda push project - low carbon life build project", the main job content contains the main contents include assistance in execution of low-carbon sustainable homes in low carbon life operation function, energy conservation and carbon reduction action label promotion project, low-carbon life extension project, carbon neutral and reduction measures project, monthly 2 press release and entertaining diversions, and other business related publicity and administration work of planning implementation, each work execution pick mentioned below: The operation function and promote low-carbon life Counseling and community participation in the energy conservation environmental protection agency (epa) is dealt with by the executive yuan carbon reduction label selection action, 12 companies to participate in counseling, among them "the original tea workshop", "horizon of home stay facility" won the enterprises in the "excellent award" b;Planning of low carbon travel package tour, including site, magong and 3 sets of solutions, such as seven beauty "to ride electric locomotive, shuttle penghu around countryside rural and historical culture characteristics and the natural landscape;In south community center for Lao "bazaar" of the small scale peasants in activity, with organic or non-toxic farming and organic food taste not poisonous fruits and vegetables, increase farmers' income, to attract other folks support farmers market, support agricultural products "origin pin" practice low carbon diet and self plantations;In other to encourage, the community to carry out the promotion of low carbon life, and enterprise cooperation to promote low-carbon life course and soaps real activities, a total of 70 people. Second, for promoting low-carbon life, energy conservation and carbon reduction decree propaganda activities To promote low-carbon living action project, encourage, community, in the campaign for low carbon life, and to comply with the low carbon activity planning, in activities do not provide printed materials, do not provide disposable cups and bottled water, to carry, environmental protection, such as cups, completed a total of 27 games activities, to participate in the warm 1,602 visitors;Another do low carbon life manage large-scale publicity activities including "sports lohas island - low carbon walking", "2014 national low-carbon one run by penghu marathon" and "penghu county 103 campus environmental creative painting competition", participate in the warm up to 3300 person-time, drive the penghu county in low carbon, at the same time, expect whether corporate, non-governmental organizations, communities and individuals, in addition to using the most simple forms of exercise to reduce environment impact;Low-carbon life with environmental protection bureau and the promotion of electric locomotive radio 2 completed recording propaganda, 40 grade (30 seconds/time), to provide radio broadcast, effective community cohesion of citizens' environmental awareness and environmental behavior;Maintenance management "green" login information and achievement, has amounted to 3252 people to share, "smiling health fan le yu yu" 1,600 visits designed according to the who share promotion;Counseling "toward the reed restaurant" won the five-star restaurant environmental protection certification, reported eight brigades SuYe businessman also get the green hotel certification, to not only improve the quality image, and win honor for our penghu county. Third, promote carbon neutral and reduction measures Annual to magong city, " the original tea workshop" for counselling object, brought the owner to participate in the carbon footprint of the epa certification shows that after the meeting, the industry preliminary confirm the wind in the process of tea industry and transport emissions of greenhouse gases produced by each life cycle stage, and also assist inquire into the center of big industry sustainable development of the financial group legal people, against the wind in tea bag products, such as carbon footprint and carbon labels tutoring job offer job, perform propaganda and promotion carbon emissions interrogating and encourage mechanism of carbon labels apply to, but for the first carbon label product certification, penghu to assist in 104 following small business innovation research and development program (SBIR) research project, continue to deal with certification and apply for work;In carbon neutral land management platform reported 10 community to apply for certification by oneself, effort. Four, put forward to promote low-carbon life counseling difficulty coping strategies Given the tutoring business in low-carbon life policies this year achievement is not as expected, analyses reasons include: provide disposable tableware, don't cooperate with the policy, no relevant energy-saving facilities, garbage classification and funds to buy chopsticks factors such as environmental protection;Of unwilling to cooperate with merchants to take one of two ways: one is to deal with the improved counseling work, one is brought to the environmental protection bureau to participate in improving consultation work of every trade, through this pattern, considerations of different nature of business and the size of, respectively, puts forward appropriate sexual energy conservation facilities and equipment as a purchase, to assist in the difficulty of low carbon measures are put forward countermeasures. Five, the promotion information integration of low carbon life This plan monthly inspections to assist environmental protection bureau electric locomotive maintenance stations 27 330 column, assist type "low carbon sustainable home information network platform, contains the news published 10, 10, entertaining diversions, promotion of low carbon life 27 session and 2 in the meeting, the other is low carbon life ten major function oriented, purchase 180 this low carbon green height and 40 primary schools to use, with low carbon life and electric locomotive subsidies executive orders, making 5 canvas hang buy to large propaganda;Integrate various achievements in recent years, driven by the epa penghu, penghu county low-carbon sustainable homes for them.the printed manual 500 promotion propaganda, propaganda low carbon life, 5000, by meeting, publicity activities when folks reading, expand the publicity of energy conservation and carbon reduction and environmental protection consciousness.
Operational performance of low-carbon life, low-carbon life extension activities to promote carbon-neutral, low-carbon living area counseling