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Implementing the Classification Management System of Gas Stations and Underground Storage Tank Inspection Program in Taoyuan County for 2014

Since the quantity and distribution of vast gas stations in Taoyuan City, it is difficult to grasp their operating status. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) of Taoyuan City has paid a lot of attention to the environmental quality around these gas stations, especially in the issues of soil and groundwater pollution caused by the leakage of underground oil tanks and pipes. In order to fulfill the「Regulations of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act」 and 「Regulations for Installation and Management of Facilities for Preventing Pollution of Groundwater Bodies and Monitoring Equipment in Underground Storage Tank Systems」,and to prevent the soil and groundwater pollution, the DEP then entrusted Sinotech to conduct this Project. Six major achievements of this Project were listed below: 1.Completed the site supervision and check of the notice contaminated sites of gas stations;the basic function tests of soil gas monitoring wells and the measurment of oil vapor densities for 35 gas stations;the analysis of soil samples and groundwater samples of temporary groundwater wells for 6 gas stations;and the installation of standard monitoring wells and the analysis of their groundwater samples for 2 gas stations. 2. Completed the inspection of the installation, maintenance, and regular monitoring of facilities for preventing pollution of groundwater bodies and monitoring equipment in 274 gas stations,and regularly inspected and maintained the online declaration system. 3.Completed the planning of Taoyuan City gas station classification management system and the processing of the gas station self-management pilot activities. 4.Completed 2 locations of soil and underground water pollution advocacy workshop, and 1 event underground storage tank inspection and self-management result presentation. 5.Completed the design for gas station pollution prevention propaganda posters, and sendinng the posters to gas stations. 6.Finished the planning of Taoyuan City gas station management strategy.
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