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Supplementary Investigation and Management of Chlorinated- Solvent Contamination in Soil and Groundwater in Kaohsiung

Chlorinated solvent pollution in soil and groundwater is an important issue in Kaohsiung, especially in the industrial districts such as DaFa industrial park and LinHai industical prak. Both industrial parks had been polluted by chlorinated solvents. However the plume size and the polluters of chlorinated solvent contaminated sites were not clear, because of the limited investigation resource and complex land use history. It leads to management difficulty. In order to establish a management process and site investigation model of chlorinated solvent contaminated site, this project chose Linhai industrial park and Dafa industrial park as investigating targets and develop a plume and source tracing process. In this study, the size and depth of PCE plume in Dafa industrial park is identified that the PCE pollution distributed in 7-8 meters under groundsurface. We also found that there may exist residual PCE in soil. The healthy risk cause by soil and groundwater pollution is acceptable. And the pollution transportation model result indicate the pollution transmission is slow. Natural degradation condition is established in this site. It’s worth noting that PCE was detected in soil, and it may continuously release into ground along with the groundwater level. There are three VC contaminated sites in LinHai industrial park. In this project, we need identified the plume size of these site and try to distinguish the relationship between plumes. With comprehensive geographic survey, site investigation, and compound specific stable isotope analysis (CSIA), the plume distribution of three sites are clearly identified. CSIA results shows the difference of three plume which mean those plume might have different sources. The survey results of WT site in show the VC pollution distributed in the range between Daye S. Rd and Yanhai 3rd Rd. The pollution situation of CL site is much more complex. VC pollution distributed in plant area of Taiwan Chlorine Industries ltd., came from different sources with the CSIA evidence.. The findings of E00376 well shows VC plume distribution which is located on the isolated tree belt area of CPC Corporation, sidewalk and the road. , The groundwater flow direction and the plume transportation simulation indicate the pollution does not affect the Dalin Po community and the plume movement is very slow. The simulation model also indicated that the pollution may come from neighboring area at early stages. The health risk cause by pollution is acceptable. With the experience of this project, we propose a concept of potential map about chlorinated solvent pollution in industrial park. This map not only can illustrate the potential pollution site of exist factory, but also indicate the insufficiency of groundwater monitoring networks. In this project, a decision making protocol were developed. Through the protocol and follow the investigation methods and tools mentioned, a site manager can clearly identified a chlorinated solvent contaminated plume size, possible sources. It can also help a site manager to making a decision for site management which can minimize the impact of the population and the environment.