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Project Study for Managerial Technologies of the Remanufactured Products Containing Off-site Treated Contaminated Soils

This project collected information regarding the technologies of the reuse and recycle of the treated contaminated soils in Japan, the United States, Nederland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Besides the technologies, the information regarding the regulations about the limitations of the contaminants and the associated leaching characteristics of the remanufactured product using contaminated soils was also included. In the cement manufacturing, the leaching of chromium was found to be significant. In the red brick industry, the leaching of the arsenic, copper, lead, and cadmium are of concern. In the soil washing method, it was found that various solutions with different concentration and contact time for different heavy metals was needed for test and verification. With the consideration of the current waste recycling mechanism, manufacturing process, quality assurance verification, product tracking, and reporting are recommended as the operation standards in addition to the source tracking of the industrial wastes used, recycling use, the certificate of the recycling manufacturer, and operation records. For the organic contaminants, the current certified method is thermal destruction. It would be necessary to set the lower limit of the operation temperature in order to meet the standard of 99% removal. For heavy metal contaminants, the analytical methods are suggested to follow the current standard methods with the consideration of the regulation structure of the Europe Union. With respect to the short, middle, and long terms suggestions for the future studies, the short term suggestions focus on the studies of onsite and offsite remediation technology list for soil pollution, regulations of the manufacturing procedures of the concerned industries, product use and its environmental impacts, etc. The middle term suggestions include establishing product quality standards, remanufactured product use guidance, and verification and regulation of the product quality, etc. The long term suggestions include the revision of the related laws and regulations, remanufactured product history, the feasibility of Safety Mark of Recycled Material, and the strategy of widening remanufactured product use.
contaminated soil, off site, leaching characteristics