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The Demonstration Project of Contaminated Land Revitalization Planning and Promoting in 2014

To implement the contaminated land revitalization policy and land sustainable development, the contaminated land revitalization was promoted. Based on the results of in the former phase, one target site was selected and the case study was completed to confirm the feasibility, completeness and restrictions of the contaminated farmland revitalization processes design. We conducted a face-to-face questionnaire survey to the local citizens for collecting redevelopment policy suggestions. The project also established the contaminated land appraisal guideline and a template for bank financing, litigation and environmental insurance events in order to complete the necessary implementation tools. In addition, the project also revised the general contaminated land and contaminated farmland revitalization processes by inter-ministerial consultations and international conference participating. We also provided local government and other ministries consulting services and plan suggestion for requirement of contaminated land revitalization case. Moreover this project hosted a preliminary website offering contaminated land revitalization information, and the public will be able to search the relevant information in the future. Consolidated results of the aforementioned works completed the strategies to promote the contaminated land revitalization policy for Taiwan EPA.