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2014 Cross-Strait Program for Soil and Groundwater Environmental Protection

This project by collecting regulatory regimes cum industrial promotion of soil & groundwater and Sediment environmental protection related to Mainland China Research and Analysis, and Management organized way Symposium through the Office of opportunity related fields at the turn of liquidity and expand cooperation in the Mainland China conducted with. Through conduct seminars way , and MEP Mainland Chinese relevant departments ( in Pollution Prevention Division based) communication, cohesion strait experts together to discuss differences and complementarity between strait soil & groundwater and Sediment environmental protection, and discuss follow-strait exchanges meter painting and implementation methods. While also providing each other to learn from industry, government and academia to discuss and exchange views on the opportunity to experience. The project also compiled Mainland China prevailing soil and groundwater regime results achieved environmental regulations, available relevant government departments, academic and research institutions and business related units in the practice of important reference. The main objective of this project consists of the following four points: (1)A plan for the future of cross-strait Soil & Groundwater and Sediment exchanges and cooperation model to assist industry in Taiwan soil groundwater into overseas markets. (2)The implementation of memorandum of understanding on both sides of of intent to strengthen cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in real terms. (3)Expand cross-strait exchanges soil & groundwater and sediment areas, increasing the opportunity to expand our soil & groundwater industry of Mainland China market. (4) For an ECFA follow-up matters related to the implementation of matters to assist in implementing the agreed matters. This stage has been completed and invited Mainland China scholars and experts in environmental restoration network, organized the "the soil and groundwater and sediment pollution remediation expert seminars and symposia (WORKSHOP)" policy for the Soil and Groundwater in Mainland China, industry, market dynamics and messages in-depth understanding. With industry understanding. Hope to help the Environmental Protection Department to complete "cross-strait exchanges and soil groundwater and sediment industrial policy development strategy for three years (104-106 years) plan." Soil and groundwater and sediment implement cross-strait cooperation framework agreement of intent has been signed at this stage, the strengthening of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in real terms.
Cross -strait cooperation mechanism , Soil and Groundwater Contamination , Soil and groundwater industry promotion