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Development of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Liability Insurance for Gas Stations

The scope of work of this project contained compilation of gas station contamination data, risk identification and contamination verification, risk assessment, and development of environmental liability insurance. Taiwan EPA has executed soil and groundwater investigation nationwide for gas stations over 10 years. Based on the risk factors of gas station contamination, this project used artificial neural network, logistic regression, and random forest to build three risk identification modules. Furthermore, this project also completed Phase I for 106 gas stations and Phase II for 9 gas stations. The results showed that soil and groundwater concentrations from these 9 gas stations were all below the standards. Based on the comprehensive investigation results, this project has developed a soil and groundwater pollution liability insurance policy exclusively for gas stations, which is a claims-made and reported policy. On the other hand, the project has several achievements which includes (1) collection and analysis of remedial reports; (2) calculation of loss frequency and loss severity; (3) providing insurance coverage; (4) providing up to 72 insurance choices; (5) hosting 3 public meetings and 3 workshops; (6) providing 1,000 copies of the manual.
Gas Station, Soil and Groundwater, Insurance