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Groundwater Pollution Evaluation and Investigation of the YanHang and Yandong Sections, Tainan

Tainan EPB has conducted a series of investigation and contingency projects at this site since the chlorinated solvents contamination was found in the region of Yanhang and Yandong Sections, Yong-Kang District, Tainan, in 2001. In order to integrate the results of previous projects, develop remediation technology for this site, and obtain the contamination management strategy of whole region from the perspective of contamination conceptual of the site, EPA conducts this project “Groundwater Pollution Evaluation and Investigation of the Yanhang and Yandong Sections, Tainan”. The results of contaminant concentration tendency analysis showed the stable high concentrations in the mainstream area of contamination plume. Combining the concept of surgical remediation and the detail investigation for the two pilot test sites, the results of the pilot tests that performed in-situ bio-stimulation remediation using double packer injection method showed excellent performances. Those included delivering reagents into low permeability strata, reducing contamination and restricting contamination plume migration. The results of electric resistivity tomography showed the high pressure jet grouting mixing injection technology is able to make the reagents mix well with soil in the barrier region and stay in site for long duration. Based on the results of site investigation, pilot tests, and health risk assessment, a 2-8 year short-medium term of contamination management plan for this site were made. Administration measures and contaminant reduce contingency acts carrying out by stage and by area are included in the suggested plan.
Double Packer Injection, Low Permeability Strata, Contamination Management