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Project for Stationary Source Permit management Integrated ,reviewing regulations and updating

This project collected and analyzed the South Coast stationary sources regulations in America. The project also accomplished the amendment of 「Permitting of stationary sources of air pollution」in accordance with the comparison of stationary sources regulations between South Coast and Taiwan. There are five amendments. To review the 1st to 8th batch of permitting facilities. For the amendment of 「air pollution control policy of coal, coke and other fuels」, there are five principal amendments to establish relevant management in order to complete the tracking system of coal, coke and other fuels. For pollution prevention management and emission reduction, carried out「air pollution control and emission standard of Semiconductors」 of 3 industrial emission standards,「Best available control technology」and「control policy of voluntary or entrusting testing and reporting of stationary sources」. The testing costs would be reduced substantially when finished comparing with dimethyl formamide detection methods. To amend the instituting and management policy of environmental dedicated units or personnel to meet the environmental analysis laboratories, to increased (amend) the penalty policy for violation of the instituting and management policy of environmental dedicated units or personnel, the penalty policy of violation of air pollution control law. This project held in 1 demonstrations on results of examination for 127 stationary source facilities, 21 permits issued by entrusted authorities. To inspect and detect the factory without warning verified the removal efficiency of 68 points pollutant control equipment, the most steam boilers use cyclone, bag filter and scrubber in series to remove particulate matter, and the removal efficiency are more than 90% generally. Furthermore, the results of VOCs emissions detection after the activated carbon adsorption, scrubbers an regenerative incineration facilities show the most removal efficiency about 75% to meet the permit and emission concentration meet emission standard. To enhance the quality and upgrade management system, the project accomplished 6 system updating and online work that include the permitting application online system, integrated inquire system, updating, expansion and maintenance. The database effectiveness increase 82% and the web performance increase 93.6% after system testing. To ensure that users' interests and control information, to increase data currency rate to 90% by reviewing 21,554 factories about 320 thousands database until December 2014.
stationary sources;control strategy;permit;database