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Project of review and adjustment on the soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees systems

This project attempts to deliver specific and feasible suggestions for the amendment on the soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees levy system in Taiwan. Chapter 1 describes the background and aims of this project. Chapter 2 explains the background and the principles of the revised system. Chapter 2 also shows the proposed adjustment on the current remediation fee system as well as the impacts from the adjustment. Then in addition, for the amendment, Chapter 2 elaborates the talking points for future public communications. Chapter 3 describes the proposed amendment in details and discusses the revised principles of reviewing, execution and administration corresponding to the amendment. Moreover, Chapter 3 analyzes the impacts on the soil and groundwater pollution remediation fund caused by the introduction of other environmental taxes and the Soil Pollution Management System. Chapter 3 also makes comments on the current management rules of the revenue and expenditure of soil remediation fund. Chapter 4 summarizes previous public communications with industries including questions and answers. The questions and answers are also presented online. Chapter 5 is mainly the collection of information of actual expenditures for remediation, used to establish a database containing the data of unit prices for remediation for estimating future costs of remediation. Chapter 6 is the conclusions from this project.
soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees, justification and legal status, cost and benefit analysis, economic impact analysis, system dynamics