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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Pollution in Tainan City

This project is an extension of Fy 103 “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Verification Plan,” and the scope in this project includes the regular soil and groundwater quality monitoring within the venue of the City of Tainan, inspection and maintenance of the existing monitoring wells, well abandonment, examination and inspection of on-line website declare information from gasoline stations, check and verify on operations of polluted control sites, examine of pollution events, emergency and contingency plan, and provision of educational outreach meeting and administrative affairs. At the end of this year’s project the following work have been completed: execution of regular soil quality monitoring of 14 sites within the jurisdiction area and the concentrations of identified metals lead (1,890 mg/kg) and zinc (6,010 mg/kg) exceeding the Control Standards by 3.78 and 10 times, respectively at 472 nd lot site of Ma-dou District; concentration of copper (415 mg/kg) exceeding the Control Standard by 1.04 times at 231st lot site of An-ding District. Additionally, three of the sites the regulated substances are below the Control Standards but exceed the Monitoring Standards.At the remaining 9 sites all the regulated substances are all below the regulations. 51 wells were sampled and analyzed within the scope of work and 89 ground water samples completed. The results showed that two wells at Jing-huei Industry contained concentrations of TCE at levels exceeding the Control Standard through all 4 seasons of 2015, and results of the latest season indicated that TCE level was at 6.22 mg/L in R00670 and 1.86 mg/L in R00673, which were exceeding the regulated standard by 124 times and 37 times, respectively. Concentration of Arsenic(As) content from a specific monitoring well SRL (Yuon-yang) 002 at site Wu-san-tou Dam, was continuously detected at levels ranging from 0.0404 through 0.170 mg/L from September 2010 through October 2015. Above results show that the background of this area has high values of arsenic, and data of arsenic in the remaining site specific monitoring wells showed at similar levels detected previously.358 monitoring wells on site inspection were completed and 38 of them were repaired; and 7 wells were abandoned exactly based on regulated procedures. On-line website declaration information from 859 gasoline stations were examined one by one and 30 of gasoline stations from them were selected for further on-site inspection. Also, 542 bi-monthly visits and inspections for the control sites were completed and the visiting records were sent to the Soil and Groundwater Data Management System by internet. Totally 14 facilities sites for examination procedure and 3 others for verification procedure were conducted. Among the examination facilities, 2 sites were identified to contain chemicals exceeding the Control Standards. Result from All facilities for verification procedure, 3 of them show containing chemicals at levels exceeding the regulatory standards. There are 4 emergency pollution event examinations were executed in this project and the result indicated that heavy metals such as: zinc, nickel, copper and mercury were found to exceed the lower and the upper limits of target goals at the sections near upper- and mid-streams of Great Jia-nan Furrow along the City of Tainan and He-sung Industries Park; especially, the mid-stream portion of the furrow were more serious. One monitoring well at Bau-an Industries Park was found to contain vinyl chloride at level exceeding the Control Standard, the rest of sites were all below the Control Standard. 800,000 NT $ funding under the support of EPA Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Foundation,were used for the emergency and contingency responses for 15 potentially contaminated facilities and the budget of this task achieved 100 % completion. In this project we also assist Tainan EPA to complete tasks on review of site operational reports, compliance of Articles 8 and 9 of “Soil and Groundwater Remediation Code”, placement of underground storage tank system proposals, document examination and filing, and there were 193 cases were completed. In addition, two environmental protection-related educational outreach meetings, two public advocacies and one large scale outreach activity were conducts and completed.
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