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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The inspection, consultation and auditing of declaration reports for underground storage tanks project

Taiwan EPA has promoted UST investigation and pollution prevention over the past decade. In order to integrate resources and to improve UST management efficiency, this project integrated works from declaration projects and investigation projects. Also, the rolling management is used to check UST sites with abnormal checking results or contamination concerns. In this project, we continued to use the on-site checking software on portable mobile devices for compliance and soil vapor checking at 380 UST sites, and the results are classified into 4 levels, A, B1, B2 and C, according to the contamination potential. For level A, 15 UST sites were selected for soil and groundwater investigation, and the results at 6 sites exceeded regulated standards of contamination, leading to the exceeding rate of 40%. In accordance with the amendment to the contract with Taiwan EPA, the project completed compliance checking for additional 501 UST sites. In addition, this project has several achievements which include (1) gathering domestic and foreign UST management strategies and policy, (2) gathering information for foreign UST monitoring technologies, (3) expanding the online UST reporting system and database, (4) using multiple investigation techniques to assess soil and soil vapor, and (5) proposing domestic UST management strategies. The practical experience gained from this project can be the reference for future self-management implementation and sustainable development.
Soil, Groundwater, Underground Storage Tanks