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The project on Investigation and Verificationof Soil and Groundwater Pollution in Yilan County, 2015

For the prevention of soil and underground water pollution, authority in Yilan must do the regular quality tests, pollution investigation for soil and underground water in this area, also must do verifications for the petition from people live there. Therefore, Environment protection bureau (EPB) in Yilan do regular monitoring and investigation of soil and underground water on potential pollution area continually, including Ronde, Lize industrial zone, Mei Chau area and underground storage tanks, etc. Also do the verification, investigation and controls to those polluted-restrained sites. After public selection, AECOM is commissioned to do “Investigation and verification about soil and underground water in Yilan in year 2015”(referred to as this project),and deadline of this project is December 31,2015. Report of farmland investigation said there have 6 farmlands are detected have copper and zinc, which concentrations are higher than limited standards. Also find concentration of zinc is increasing. It is because the content of heavy metal in chicken fecal is zinc higher than cooper, during long-term release and decomposition, zinc has higher accumulation compare with cooper, obviously. However, investigation report in this year indicates that there has no decreasing of copper and zinc concentration on the farmlands which use livestock fecal as manure. Gonglao rd. Zhuangwei township is detected has 2 farmlands which arsenic concentration higher than monitoring standard since long-term use water source containing arsenic. Therefore, No.116, Kailan Rd., Jiaoxi Township and No.193, Qixingling, Su’ao Township are also detected have zinc which concentration higher than monitoring standard, it should be related with use of livestock fecal, water sources or potential pollution sources, to know the real reason, continuous monitoring on the previous 10 farmlands according with article 6 of soil and underground water pollution remediation act is suggested. Investigation of soil pollution this year on Luifang environmental engineering Co.,Ltd.(waste recycling industry) is done, report indicate that mercury, cadmium, cooper, lead and zinc concentration are all higher than the limited standards of farmland for edible crops’(Category of land use is pastoral land).,For this, expanding investigation for waste recycling industries in this region is done. After screening and survey, 7 industries are chosen for soil investigation, and the investigation report shows that there have 3 industries which heavy metal concentration are higher than monitoring standard. Including Chengda societe wastewater centralized well (CD-S04), which has 222mg/kg Cu; longten industrial battery recycling area(LT-S01), which has 258 mg/kg Cu; and Hongtai industrial, which Cu、Pb and Zn are higher than monitoring standard. On the other hand, on TPH, only vehicle dismantling area in Genhonda corporation(JHD-S01) has 232 mg/kg Cu. Preliminary conclusion that the waste recycling industries in this region should has polluting potential, and the following investigations, checks and counseling are suggested. The monitoring result of sediment in 12 ports shows that concentration of Hg 、Cu、Pb and Zn in Nanfang-ao, Dasi second and Genfang harbor are all higher than limited standard, for this, expending investigation by EPB is suggested. Furthermore, considering ”land reclamation” as final approach, items which has pollution potential of soil should be detected to choose the most suitable approach of these soil, to do this, discussion between EPB and the local port authority is necessary. The main area to do nourishment in Yilan is Wushi harbor, it contains sediment from 8 different in north Yilan, and the report about concentration of heavy metal here shows that all are in line with limited standards, this result is unmatched with that about sediment since the dilution before nourishment, on the other hand, it also cannot show the real pollutant situation with the specific harbor. However, long-term effect of these sediment by wind power, ocean, gravity and rain has possibility to make movement of those small particles which contain high concentration of heavy metal, also make small particles (sand) which contain low concentration of heavy metal remain in place or surface, this also a reason to make low concentration of heavy metal there. Therefore, pH and zinc concentration are abnormal in sampling test of immigrated earthworkon August, for this, further tracking of Xianlin Ltd. is done, also found there is no sample higher than monitoring standard in agricultural land. Up to now, although no immigration of pollutant soil is found, it also has vigilance and deterrence effect for rocky accepting unit, for this, continuous tracking from EPB is suggested. Because of the difference made by nature(soil properties, crop varieties and irrigation water source), also because of the insufficient analysis(one time), the effects of soil and crops from general, organic and friendly farming method cannot be explained clearly. For this, the following 3 suggestions are proposed to help the expanding investigation, (1) Increasing the amount of farmlands and samples, and the survey data can be presented in the mean way to reduce the unevenness of soil. (2) Doing sampling in each stage to control the trend of soil and crops’ condition in different stages. (3) Doing long-term tracking in farms which use different farming approaches to build the trend information. Frequency of inspection and maintenance of monitoring well in this project is once for a quarter, up to now, inspection for a whole year is finished. Then, the following 8 sites are finishing maintenance, including G00066,G00071, G00009,G00037,G00059,G00001,G00039 and G00011, also shows well condition of structure for each 9 wells. Therefore, removal of all foreign body in the bottom of the 5 wells is done, including the double check by well photography. Otherwise, recompletion (excessive well pumping and well cleaning) of the 7 monitoring wells which has siltation are also finished. After that, works on 7 new wells and 2 abandoned wells are finished, and the monitoring result of underground water which are over the limited standard on new wells are shown as follows, Manganese and Manganese, ammonia, iron are detected on Yuaming elementary schooland No.804, Dongsing Rd., Dongshan Township, respectively.Otherwise, monitoring result of underground water this year shows no item over the limited standard, and the items over the monitoring standard are shown with the following form“item , number(first half/ second half year)” : Ammonia, 12/11; Iron, 7/10; Manganese, 6/10; TOC, 2/1; Total hardness, 1/0; Chloride, 2/2 and Total dissolved solids, 2/2. Comprehensive the monitoring result over the years, Longde industry, Nearby of Yilan landfill and monitoring wells along Dongshan river have higher concentration of ammonia, and Longde industry, coastal region nearby dongshan river and water park have higher concentration of iron, manganese and arsenic. Result of gas station leak check shows all 5 gas stations are over the warning value on gasoline, as following: Xinyi, Langyang, Diepu and Chinquin gas stations, also do the escalation to EPB to do further investigation. Otherwise, the third monitoring result of gas in soil shows the pollution potential on Xinshin and Fuchen gas station are belong to level 2, also recommend EPB to do further tracking within 3 months according to the grading standard, after recheck, they can obtain deregulation if no abnormal situation happen. Contrary, if abnormal within two consecutive tracking is found, the further investigation of soil and underground water by EPB is recommended. Continuous check monthly, supervision and validation for these polluted-restrained sites are done to confirm the improvement of these sites in this project. However, 5 validations are done this year, No. 421, Meijhou Rd, Yilan city, No. 805, Dongxing Section., Donshan country (section A) and No. 970, Wujie Section, Wujie Country are pass. Contrary, No. 24-25, Ligung Section, Wujie Country and No. 31-1, Nanchen Setion, Suao Town are not pass. AECOM has help EPB finish declaration and review work of the underground storage for three times, 3rd in 2014(September to December in 2014), 1st and 2nd in 2015 (January to April and May to August in 2015), all declaration and review rate are 100%.Otherwise, “Declaration of items on soil gas” and” Operation of the online declaration system” are two critical problems face by operators, for these, do strengthen advocacy in the flowing regal seminar and enhance operation technique of those operators are done in the future. Three times seminar about soil and underground water prevention act (274 participants), 7 times education-related activities about soil and underground water prevention and 10 hours professional training for intramural staff in EPB are done this year. All participants including general public, students and government employees, it can not only enhance cognition about soil and underground water protection of people, but also can archive all comments to be the reference of policy to EPB in the future. In administration, completion of video making about propaganda of soil and underground water and the monthly update of “website for soil and underground water remediation’’ and “ Pollution management geographic information system in Yilan” are listed in this project.