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Promote the Framework of Environmental Liability Insurance Policy and Program of Strategy for Contaminated Sites

Based on the policy framework established by “2014 Study on Identification and Transfer of Environmental Liability for Contaminated Sites and Related Credit Loan Fund Framework”, this project continues with the promotion of environmental liability insurance by addressing critical technical problems in conducting risk assessment in support of insurance rate calculation. The main project deliverables include: (1)Risk assessment method and handbook; (2)risk identification for three industries, including manufacturing chemical materials, primary metals, and electronics parts; (3)insurance policy suggestions and preliminary rate calculation results for the above listed three industries; (4)policy evaluation framework and indicators for the promotion of environmental liability insurance, and related policy recommendations; (5)organization of conferences to increase awareness of environmental liability insurance among environmental department personnel, the high-pollution-risk industries, and the property insurance industries in Taiwan.
environmental insurance, environmental insurance, risk assessment