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The Establishment of Management Framework and Risk Map for Soil and Groundwater Pollution

In view of the fact that most countries adopt the concepts of risk assessment as the basis for contaminated site management, by utilizing detail oriented risk analysis method can greatly increase the effectiveness in risk communication and also provide quantifiable indicators for the competent authorities when comes to decision making. Therefore, in references with the risk map establishment purposes and methods from various countries internationally, domestic soil and groundwater contamination risk map generation process and framework is established using “Soil and Groundwater Contamination Site Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol” as the backbone. Additionally, establishment of future risk map platform is proposed in which risk map generation and display tool kit module for ArcGIS is completed in advance in this project. According to the needs of future establishment, other recommendation is given, such as contaminant fate and transport model application methods and risk assessment parameters localization method. In order to verify and examine the feasibility and rationality of risk map generation framework and ArcGIS tool kit module, this project selected Linyuan Industrial Park to perform human health risk assessment and generate its associated risk maps. Proper risk management strategies and probable future risk map generation framework realignment are studied and recommended based on the testing results. Finally, this project recommends the methods of utilization of risk map in soil and groundwater contamination management, as well as the recommendation of a 3-phase promotion plan to extensively apply risk map system to all types of contamination site in the near future.
Risk Map, Contaminated Site Management, Human Health Risk Assessment