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2015 Reexamination and Auditing of Statements of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fees

The main purpose of this project is through the reexamination and site audit to strengthen managing soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees payers and analyzes the results of our audit. This project has been implemented from March 9, 2015 to June 8 2016, and has fulfilled each of its objectives. The results are as follows. We completed the reexamination for the following cases. (1) 4,206 declaration cases of remediation fees paid from the fourth quarter of year 2014 to the fourth quarter of year 2015. (2) 47 declaration cases of export refund of remediation fees from the fourth quarter of year 2014 to the fourth quarter of year 2015. (3) 40 declaration cases of insurance expenditure refunds for the year 2014. (4) 27 declaration cases of construction expenditure refunds for the year 2014. (5) 206 cases of site audits. The achievement rate of reexamination and auditing was 100%. During the execution period of this project, we found the total disputed amount of NTD $5,546,631 including NTD $4,627,877 from doubtful cases of remediation fees paid, and NTD$918,754 of site audits. After performing reexamination and site audit, we attached recommendations and statistical analysis to provide the guidance and reference for amendments of future strategy. Based on the results of execution of the project, we will continue to track those disputed remediation fees payers. In order to promote the efficiency and quality of the reexamination and site audit, and establish and improve the database management, we will strengthen the announcement of the related regulations of remediation fees, and assist remediation fees payers to submit statements of the manufacturing volume or import volume into internet filing system correctly.
Soil and Groundwater, Remediation Fees, Reexamination and Auditing