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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The project for platform planning and system management of soil and groundwater health risk assessment.

This project contains main parts, including “Planning to construct solid and groundwater health and risk assessment platform”, ”Integrate health and risk assessment regulations ”, “Appointing health and risk assessment committee and hold meetings ”. EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) enacted Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act in 2000, Risk management has used to Soil and Groundwater Contaminated Site clarified. And EPA has called for a 16 persons’ committee with “soil and groundwater contaminated site environmental impact and health and risk assessment committee regulation” in 2015. Therefore, this project played a role as health and risk assessment platform. There are 4 missions of this platform, including integrating risk assessment regulations, studying references, making risk communication informational and clarifying risk assessment procedure. These can promote risk management efficiently, and evaluate possibility of setting risk assessment center in the future. There are less necessary to adjust pollutant removal rate by risk assessment, because of 90% pollution remediation sites had treated by Soil and Groundwater Pollution Control Standard. We suggest promoting health and risk assessment executive performance by project in a short-term period, until more and more cases that may need to set a formal canter in a long-term period. This project has held 2 committee meetings and 1 consultants’ meeting. The results are confirming committee’s missions, including health and risk assessment guidelines drafting、protocols setting and applications certifying. We wrote “soil and groundwater contaminated sites health and risk assessment guideline”. It can help pollutants, treatment planning executive and relevant officers to understand whole construction、procedures and regulations. It may need to make some models or pollutant site scenarios, according to pollutant site characteristics, to promote executive efficiency in the future.
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