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FY 2015 Control and Tracking of the Off-site Treatment to the Polluted Soils.

This project was designed to follow the policy of off-site soil treatment management system, which was constructed based on Waste Disposal Act and promulgated on July 1, 2014. This project analyzed the operational situations of soil sites and off-site treatment facilities, and provided advice on the improvement of operational management. This project also provided future suggestions on how to enhance the function of off-site soil treatment management system. In response to the announcement of new waste codes (contaminated soil codes), this project reviewed 14 applications of off-site soil recycling permission and attended 13 onsite review meetings. This project also compiled handbooks for permission review on treatment and recycling. This project completed 20 onsite inspections of off-site soil treatment facilities. During the inspections, this project reviewed the declaration data, operational records and operational situations, and took 10 samples from recycling product of contaminated soil (includes bricks, cement and aggregates) and 4 samples from soil product to analyze and confirm the test results meet the product quality standards and TCLP Leaching Standards. In addition, this project assisted in planning the structure and function of soil products exchange platform to reveal the demand and supply information and promote the reuse of soil products. The project also continued in maintaining and adjusting the reporting and inquiring functions of off-site soil treatment flowing records in IWRS&IWMS, assisted in managing the off-site soil treatment flows. In response to the new policy implementation, this project also held 6 meetings and 2 training programs to reveal the off-site soil management system to related agencies.
off-site soil treatment management system, soil treatment method, recycling permission