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Soil and Groundwater monitoring and investigating in Taoyuan area for 2015

This project follows last year work in “Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Verification Project” of Taoyuan City. The scope of work include regular soil and groundwater monitoring work, monitoring well external appearance patrol, maintenance and repeal, gas station online declaration and on-site inspection, soil and groundwater pollution site supervision, verification and inspection, scope of pollution site broadening investigation, pollution verification on prosecutors care and public nuisance dispute and emergency response, advocacy and administrative work. Six (6) regulatory, five (5) education symposiums and two (2) advocacy workshops and total 771 people participated by Apple Children Troupe were held and database in “Soil and Groundwater Information Management System” has been periodically renewed. On verification of site remediation, the total of 10 gas stations and factories has been completed. Only Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., LTD. and Hong-Yi Company did not pass, the penalty will be announced according to relevant “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act”. The groundwater monitoring wells sampling of warning system in 5 industrial areas (Dayuan, Kuanyin, Chungli, Pingjhen and Youth). Total sample 55 monitoring wells in dry and wet seasons. Based on investigation results, there are two TCE plumes in Youth Industrial Area; TCE and PCE pollution found in east side of Chungli Industrial Area. The pollution condition in these two industrial areas is categorized in Red light. Total three hundred and seventy (370) monitoring wells were inspected this year. 18 emergency response cases were done including factories and farmlands verification after remediation.
soil, groundwater, investigating, monitoring