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The project for the promotion of the risk-based management for soil and groundwater pollution sites

The Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act (SGPRA) included the concept of risk assessment and risk management as a principle to contaminated site management and remediation. The EPA has established and published the Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Protocol and relevant regulations. This project evaluate the overall framework and procedures of contaminated site management. The recommendations for integrating the risk assessment and management issues are made in accordance with the demand of management and implementation framework of risk assessment. In regard to development of the ecological risk assessment (ERA), the project conducte research on the implementation procedures, protocal and major key issues. The candidates of surrogate species are selected and ecological screening values are drafted for promoting the ERA. To improve the implementing efficiency of health risk assessment methodologies, the project drafte the reference guidelines on the technical background documents and development of regulatory standards. In addition, the project continue to collect, update and localize the health risk assessment parameters and assist in preparing information for reviewing procedure of risk assessment committe and completion of the update. The project also proposes content and structure of the parameter database. According to the method of health risk assessment and the preliminary evaluation method of soil and groundwater pollution sites, the project strengthen the calculation program computer system, add the estimation of remediation target and expand the uncertainty analysis functions. In order to integrate of assessment programs, parameter database, risk communication information and many other functions and needs, the project propose the concept and framework of the risk analysis information system.
Ecological Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Contaminated Site