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The Pollution Improvement Project by Soil Excavation Method with Clean Backfilled Farmland Pollution Control Sites at Taoyuan City (A)

The project aims to improve soil pollution control farmland of Taoyuan County. To get rid of the list, clean soil backfilled method and turn-over dilution were both implemented. The scope of the project covers 11 numbers of lands in Luzhu District. Upon the beginning of this project, the work plan was handed in and verified by EPB on June 1, 2015 according to the contract. By September 9, 2016, the completed tasks included: (1) Data collection and site investigation of 11numbers of the lands (Because of stop farming for long time, most lands were heavily covered by vegetation. The irrigation canals were hard to recognize.) (2)Cadastral inventory and boundary survey of 11 farmlands. The thickness of soil and the location of pebble layer were checked. (3) Self-investigation of 11 numbers of lands (1.7472 hectares) were finished while supplementary investigations included another 5 numbers of lands (0.9779 hectares). Heavy metal Cd was found the main pollutant. (4) Clean soil sampling and verifying and was backfilled to the designated lands. The total of the project was 2,936.88 tons. (5) Three round of information session with farmers and landholders. (6) 11numbers of lands finished with clean soil backfilled method while another land was used as temporary pollution soil storage. The total of the project was 2,828.04 tons. (7) Self-verification was done at 11 numbers of lands. (8) After the audited verification, 11 numbers of lands (1.7472 hectares) were proved clean.
Soil mixing method, Clean soil backfilled, Heavy metal pollution