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2014 AD to 2015 AD Project on the Research & Revision of Law, the Consultation of Legal Ambiguities of the Fund concerning the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act

The main achievements of this project include: (1) providing 10 legal opinions on the legal issues raised by environmental protection authorities, providing 4 legal opinions on legal consultation cases and attending 18 meetings accompanied by lawyer.(2) Specific proposals and guidance reports on the completion of the two claims operations have been completed in accordance with the requirements of the EPA. (3) has been related to administrative procedures for administrative sanctions on the legitimacy of the relevant elements of the relevant elements to help build the relevant checklist. (4) to complete the incentive system for third-party remediation in the domestic niche points, the current relevant laws and regulations, inventory, and the applicability of the system into domestic relevant laws and regulations, and then proposing four recommendations of incentive system to promote third-party remediation, and analysis of the relevant incentive system of the proposed amendments. (5) to complete the integration analysis of the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Japan on behalf of the Government to support the pollution remediation costs of the compensation mechanism, has been studying domestic Windfall Lien system of the exercise process, content and draft amendments fit for Taiwan. (6) to complete the case reporting and reward of the rule of law operation analysis for violation of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Act. (7) Completion of drafting the draft of the Procedures for Subsequent Handling of Subheaded Expenses and Subsequent Account Retrofits for Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund. (8) Completed and printed 600 copies(ease edition) of the compendium of laws and regulations, printed 400 copies of the complete edition of laws and regulations, and completed the APP design version(for mobile devices) of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Act. (9) Completed the 8 seminars on Soil and Groundwater Pollution Act, Administrative Law and related laws and regulations.
Soil and Groundwater Pollution Act, Contaminated Land Revitalization , Windfall Lien