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Hsinchu City 104 years of soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification work program

The program is scheduled for December 12, 104 to December 20, As of December 2004, the work team has completed 100% of the progress of each work project, including the completion of the first half of the second half of Hsinchu City, 96 groundwater monitoring and inspection, and nine wells maintenance and 5 wells The completion of the scientific industrial park and the Xiangshan District of 33 underground water monitoring wells dry season and the peak period of detection, education university monitoring wells detection, and benevolence Duan Min well detection 3; completed Renai section monitoring wells added 2, Hsinchu oil depot around the monitoring wells added 3, the education university monitoring wells added 1 and the new well detection operations, but also to complete the Park No. 19 groundwater pollution site verification monitoring wells 4. In the management of the site management, the team will conduct a supervision and operation of the pipeline site every two months and assist in the convening of the relevant meeting. In the scientific industrial park, at the site of the groundwater pollution site verification work, the monitoring wells have been completed. 4, and completed the new wells and wells with two wells to verify the sampling operation; Taiwan Petroleum Co., Ltd. Zhongshan gas station site also completed verification sampling. Education and publicity, the organization of a sub-regulatory briefings and the production of 60 publicity products; micro-film techniques to produce a soil water propaganda short film; with the Environmental Protection Agency net Creek activities "pro-river water for everyone to come For education propaganda. The current progress of the work items, summarized as follows: First, the completion of the scientific industrial park set up 14 mouth field monitoring wells (13 warning network monitoring wells, a monitoring two or three trichlorethylene pollution monitoring wells) Feng, dry season detection, the results are lower than the control standard: (A) warning well pattern monitoring results: The detection value of ammonia nitrogen in groundwater is 0.27 ~ 15.3 mg / L, and the total amount of ammonia is more than that of groundwater pollution monitoring in Bamboo # 9 (Guangwu Guozhong), Bamboo # 12 (World High School), Bamboo Branch Hsinchu Garden and Fengfeng Road Standard 0.25 mg / L. The preliminary investigation of these four wells due to local residents activities and surface water ammonia nitrogen concentration, resulting in more than the standard value of monitoring. The remaining monitoring wells did not exceed the pollution monitoring standards. 2. Heavy metal measurements do not exceed groundwater monitoring standards. 3. Volatile organic matter measurements did not exceed groundwater monitoring standards. (B) monitoring of the park two or three trichlorethylene pollution monitoring wells (Philips) results: 1. Monitoring results are lower than groundwater monitoring standards. 2. Trichlorethylene was not detected. In the dry season, the trace amount of chloroform was 0.0147 mg / L, which was much lower than the groundwater monitoring standard (0.5 mg / L). Second, the completion of Xiangshan District, 19 mouth field monitoring Jing Feng, dry season detection: (A) 5 monitoring wells (F004 Xiangshan Park, F005 Dazhuang Park, F007 immersion Road Yangzhai, F010 Wu Po East Road 568 Lane, Taiwan glass material storage area) ammonia nitrogen measurement 0.32 ~ 3.29 mg / L, more than groundwater monitoring Standard 0.25 mg / L. The total dissolved solids in the dry season were 1,260 mg / L, exceeding the groundwater monitoring standard of 1,250 mg / L, and the wetting period was reduced to 1,060 mg / L below the monitoring standard. (2) The test value of 0.12 mg / L in the dry season of the 1 monitoring wells (Hakone motel) exceeded 0.1 mg / L of groundwater control standard (not higher than the pre-correction standard of 0.5 mg / L in December 2001) Period is not detected lead, the proposed continuous monitoring. There are 1 monitoring wells (W102-01 Niu Fu South Road) dry season lead test 0.09 mg / L, more than groundwater monitoring standard 0.05 mg / L, the wet period is lower than the quantitative limit, the proposed continuous monitoring. (3) F010 Wuhua East Road 568 Lane in the dry season of trichlorethylene measured value of 0.13 mg / L, the wet period was 0.0949 mg / L; W103-01 Wu Po East Road 568 Lane and Po before the junction of dry season trichlorethylene 2.62 mg / L, and 2.95 mg / L in the wet season, all exceeding the groundwater control standard of 0.05 mg / L. Which F010 Oxford Road 568 alley was announced in the Republic of China for 100 years for the use of groundwater pollution restricted areas. And W103-01 was 103 years for the new wells, the proposed announcement of the tube. (4) Wushu No. 378, Wujin South Road, opposite to the groundwater control standard 0.05 mg / L, 0.0011 mg / L in the wet period, and not exceeding the monitoring standard of 0.025 mg / L, Continuous monitoring and tracking. Third, the love section of 920 (Xiangshan F010 monitoring wells) groundwater pollution analysis survey: (A) to complete the love section of 920 around the number of wells around the wells sampling 3, the results were not detected trichlorethylene. (2) Set up two wells (W104-01 Pudong Road 231 Lane Lane corner, W104-02 Niu Po ​​South Road and Pau Road fork) and sampling. According to the results of the wetting period, the trichlorethylene was not detected at the corner of the alley at 231 Lane, Pudong Road, W104-01, but the measured value of 1,1-dichloroethylene was 0.114 mg / L exceeding the control standard of 0.07 mg / L. In the dry season for the second test as a control, the results of 1,1-dichloroethylene measured 0.141 mg / L is still more than the regulatory standards, the proposed announcement tube. W104-02 Niuhua South Road and Po Road, fork of volatile organic matter and heavy metal detection values ​​are lower than the monitoring standards, trichlorethylene and vinyl chloride are not detected. Fourth, the scientific industrial park 19 wells groundwater pollution sites, the completion of the establishment of four new wells (the original contract 3, of which 1 promised to set up more depth wells, so a total of four monitoring wells), and completed both wells and new Well verify the sampling operation 2 times. The first test results of trichlorethylene are below the control standard, but two of them are higher than the monitoring standard of 0.025 mg / L (industrial East three water tower next to the deep well value of 0.0325 mg / L, Industrial East Road (highway Side) 0.0342 mg / L). The results of the second test are 1 (industrial East three water tower next to the deep well) measured 0.129 mg / L more than the control standard 0.05 mg / L, and another one (industrial East Road (highway)) measured 0.0377 mg / L exceeded the monitoring standard 0.025 mg / L. Five, four-dimensional gas station application extension, this year can not be verified. Six, Taizhou Oil Co., Ltd. Zhongshan gas station verification, the completion of soil sampling 4 points and groundwater sampling 1, the results are lower than the monitoring standards, it is recommended to lift the tube. Seven, education propaganda (1) on November 18, 104 for the "Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Law Article 8,9 Announcement of the application of land use assessment of soil pollution assessment and inspection information review propaganda briefing", the regulations and regulations of the institutions So that the industry can become more familiar with the contents of the law and grasp the latest relevant information. (2) 60 copies of the production of publicity materials. (C) the production of soil water education propaganda video 1, including the scene demonstration dynamic description of groundwater monitoring wells set up and sampling operations. The propaganda film to micro-film techniques to shoot production, so that the story is lively and interesting, to attract people's attention, so that education down to achieve the effect of entertaining. (D) To strengthen the concept of conservation of soil and groundwater among the population and the public, in May, with the Environmental Protection Agency net Creek activities, "pro-river water for everyone" for educational propaganda. Site to posters, prizes and other ways to carry out soil and groundwater education education. 8. Monitoring and maintenance of monitoring wells (A) to complete the next year under the jurisdiction of the monitoring wells to monitor, remove wells in the water and debris, record abnormal conditions, and some of the damaged wells to repair. (B) the completion of nine monitoring wells and maintenance of wells and five wells to repair wells. (C) complete the waste operation 2. (D) completed the well photography and micro-water test and other well assessment work 19, and the serious siltation well well wells to complete the completion of 10 and foreign body exclusion (5). Nine, Hsinchu oil depot monitoring wells to add settings (A) to complete the Hsinchu oil depot around the three standard monitoring wells and two groundwater monitoring. (B) 3 new wells MTBE and TPH are not more than groundwater monitoring standards (C) 0.2 mg / L of lead in the wet season before the construction of 162 Zhongzhong Road, exceeding the groundwater control standard of 0.1 mg / L (not higher than the old standard of 0.5 mg / L before December 2001) Detection, recommended continuous monitoring and tracking. 10, monitoring university monitoring wells (A) The EPD monitored the chloroform in 101 years and continued monitoring by the EPA for three consecutive years (102-104). The results showed that the project did not exceed the groundwater monitoring standard and the detection from September to September The results showed that chloroform measurements were less than 0.001 mg / L, well below the control standard 1 mg / L and the monitoring standard 0.5 mg / L. It is recommended that the regional monitoring wells of the education universities be stopped and monitored by the EPD for regular monitoring. (B) at the education university, near the park discharge mouth set up to complete a monitoring wells, and sampling, the results did not detect chloroform. It is recommended that this well be incorporated into the park early warning system for periodic monitoring by the EPA. Eleven, the underground storage tank to perform leak detection gas GC analysis and map Interpretation: completed 15 gas GC analysis and interpretation of the map, the results were not detected BTEX and neryl ether. But Taiwan Oil Co., Ltd. Nan Liao gas station detected MTBE, it is recommended to continue to follow the survey. 12, the management of the site management supervision (A) of the pipe site for every 2 months 1 inspection and supervision operations. (Ii) to assist in the convening of the relevant meetings. Thirteen, emergency work and others: (1) For the re-examination of the nine agricultural land over 103 years of agricultural land control standards, the results showed that there were two heavy metals in the agricultural land exceeding the control standard (Chromium and Nickel of the 0672 grade, , Copper and lead), the proposed announcement tube. (2) the construction of the project case, the completion of the surrounding farmland and soil wells groundwater sampling, the test results show that dioxin and heavy metals are not more than standard. (C) Completion of the top elevation and water level measurement of a total of 16 o'clock groundwater monitoring wells in and around Hsinchu oil depot.