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The Survey of the Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yunlin County in 2015

For the environmental sustainability, the program of “The Survey of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yunlin county in 2015” has been advanced, which involves groundwater monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater investigation in both dry season and wet season, to supervise and verify pollution remediation of regulated gas stations, advertisement of gas station regulations, dealing with emergency cases, and administrative assistances. The plan had been executed from January 7th 2015 to December 20th 2015, and the results of implementation are summarized as follows: Firstly, the task of groundwater monitoring wells inspection has been implemented quarterly and there were totally 20 maintenance works finished. All slug tests of groundwater monitoring wells were completed, and 11 purges of monitoring well were implemented according to the slug test results. Besides, there were 10 monitoring wells surveys accomplished in both dry and wet season, and whose results all less than Groundwater Pollution Control Standards. With respect to the mission of to supervise and verify pollution remediation of regulated gas stations, there were two control sites had already been verified and dissolved. There were entirely 13 emergency cases implemented during plan period. The survey results demonstrated one soil sample of Howei Township, a sediment sample of the canal close to Taiwan Colors & Chemicals CO. Ltd and one sediment of Hsing-An escape canal exceeded those of monitoring standards should be supervised regularly. There were triple times gas stations network declaration finished, and the work team had also accomplished examination and kept tracking the incomplete declarations. Furthermore, in terms of laws enforcements and education, there were two meetings held in May and September separately. A large-scale educational activity of Glove puppetry drama contest was held on October 17th, there were totally 10 teams participated and everyone enjoyed this activity.
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