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Soil and Groundwater monitoring and investigating in Kaohsiung area for 2015

This project was contracted by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City (Kaohsiung EPB) to control the soil and groundwater contamination in Kaohsiung. The scope of this project was to investigate and identify the soil and groundwater contamination in Kaohsiung, prevent the expansion of any contamination, and to conduct oversight and verification of gas station standard operating procedures. All of the work specified in the contract has been completed. In accordance with the contract, starting from February 2015, the soil and groundwater contamination webpage of Kaohsiung EPB was updated on the 5th of each month, so that the public can regularly receive new information and understand the effectiveness of the work performed. In addition, we continuously updated project content in the soil and groundwater information management system to reflect the status of every monitored site. In overseeing ongoing decontamination programs and verifying completed decontamination programs, we completed 213 sets of soil sampling and 200 groundwater sampling, as well as 207 additional groundwater samples for volatile organic compounds analysis, 3 additional groundwater samples for semi-volatile organic compounds analysis, 78 additional groundwater samples for analysis of 8 heavy metals, 138 additional groundwater samples for analysis of TPH and 3 additional groundwater samples for analysis of Cyanide. During this calendar year, we completed 24 site contamination investigations, 8 site contamination verifications, 2 sites regular monitor, and monitored the groundwater early warning systems at 7 industrial parks. Additional, 7 site contamination investigations were performed by using emergency management funds. All of the emergency response plans cost totally 800 thousand dollars. During this year, we inspected the external appearance of 757 groundwater monitoring wells; any minor defects were immediately corrected on-site after the inspection. 409 wells with external damage were repaired. 20 wells had structural damage and were also repaired. Well condition assessment was performed on 34 wells. 17 standard monitoring wells were found unusable and removed from the monitoring list. 8 temporary wells and 5 standard monitoring wells were installed. We hired a registered, qualified lawyer with the relevant expertise to provide legal consulting services in eight cases. 16 hours in soil and groundwater pollution and remediation issues were held for EPB personnel. Four regulatory guidance meetings were also held to the polluter of contaminate sites or gas station owners about legally mandated soil and groundwater remediation practices. There were approximately 100 sites in Kaohsiung city; we inspected all sites once a month and assisted in the review of the various contaminated sites report, and provided a total of 223 review comments. We assisted the gas stations with their quarterly reporting, achieving a reporting rate of 100% for the first and second seasons, and also assisted in the review of 8 gas station equipment plans or completion reports. We completed 30 gas station inspections, and detected soil vapor monitoring well and cathodic protection at 30 gas stations. We also in progressed to the improvement reviewing of deficiency in 4 gas stations by Environmental Protection Agency . We assisted with 11 work review conferences,and 41 soil and groundwater contaminated sites improvements initiative committees.
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