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The Project on supplementary investigation and assessment for Dapingding particular area of high pollution Contamination in Kaohsiung(Ι)

The project objectives are to investigate and assess the illegal dumping waste of high pollution contamination potential areas which were marked in “The development plan of soil and groundwater quality overall assessment and the follow-up control strategy in the Depending specific areas of Kaohsiung City” project. Environmental site assessment phase I and preliminary assessments of 48 sites, first phase investigations of 13 sites and second phase investigations of 7 sites have been accomplished. Besides, regional groundwater monitoring plan has been executed and 10 groundwater samplings were implemented to monitor the water quality around the areas. The model of information management system around the areas was also set up. Based on the results of the investigations, 5 sites have identified with burial hazardous industrial waste, 2 sites haven’t been conducted second phase investigations and 1 site hasn’t been found potential of burial illegal dumping waste. The hazardous compounds which were identified include lead, cadmium, chromium, hexavalent chromium, and dioxin. Types of burial illegal waste include slag, (electric arc furnace) dust, carbide slag waste and construction waste. Some of the hazardous waste also was found pH value which is over the standard for defining hazardous waste. Water quality of 10 groundwater samples was qualified with groundwater pollution control standards. 11 sites which have been accomplished investigations also conducted evaluation of burial waste quality and quantity, and cleaning cost estimation (one of 11 sites hasn’t been found potential of burial illegal dumping waste). Sum up the 10 sites evaluations, there are 790,600 m3 of burial waste which contained 62,800 m3 of hazardous industrial waste, 238,700 m3 of general industrial waste, and 489,100 m3 of construction waste. Waste cleaning cost estimation which is included clearance cost, civil engineering cost, and performance evaluation cost. If abiding by laws and regulations is essential, off-site waste included hazardous and general industrial waste, estimated waste cleaning cost is about 2.6 billion (case 1). Or, considering balance of health risk and economic benefits, off-site waste included hazardous industrial waste only, estimated waste cleaning cost is about 1.44 billion (case 2).
dapingding, illegal dumping, high pollution Contamination